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nbspp stylemargin 0in 0in 0pt classMsoNormalOn Sundaynbsp afternoon around 1630 hrs. The Oaklyn Fire Department was dispatched for a reported building fire at 301 W. Clinton Ave. Chief Quinter 18301 arrived on location and reported several vehicles in the building fully involved and a heavy smoke condition throughout the building. Arriving companies laid into the job and lead off with 2.5 handlines. The second alarm was struck and the bCamdennbspnbsp County 5 Pipeline Ab was dispatched bEngine 812 Chews Landing 822 Blackwood 842 Lindenwold6321 Somerdale652 and Gloucester County Deptford 932.b All strike team apparatus staged at the Home Depot in Lawnside and proceeded down the White Horse Pike to Oaklyn Station 183 to meet up with the Water Supply Officer. Engines 6321652 822 842812 were ordered to lay out from the fire ground to the water tower 2100 away. This lay was completed withnbspnbsp Engine 6321 dressing the hydrantnbsp and Enginesnbsp 652822 and 842nbsp completing the lay. A second 5 supply line was deployed with Engine 842 at the hydrant and Engine 812 dropping 800 downnbspnbsp Kendall Blvd. to the fire ground.nbsp Engine 812 met up with Engine 1522 who was trying to get water from a drafting site. Mt. Ephraim Engine 451 was downnbspnbsp at the Creek but the water was to low. Engine 812 supplied Engine 1522W. Collingswood Hts. whonbspnbsp had laid 4 line from the fire building.nbsp A third 5 supply line was laid by Engine 753 and Engine 932 the three pipelines supplied several ladder pipes and engine companies. Crews from the pipeline engines were sent to manpower and other various operations. The last units of the strike team cleared after 0100 hrs. p